Handmade Chocolate Bar

Our History

Shaped ChocolatesIn 2005 Emily, the founder of Chocolats Marionnettes, fulfilled an ambition to move her family down to Knysna in the Western Cape and become a professional chocolatier, establishing a chocolate factory where giant dark, milk and white couverture chocolate blocks are tempered to fill an array of moulds.

Featured Product

EmilyThe company was purchased by the Haycorn Trust owned by Mervyn Howell in 2010. His Feast de Renaissance brand has become synonomous with gourmet pickings making the CM fare a perfect complement to his existing range. The factory in Knysna is managed by the enthusiastic Guin Bell. "Be warned," she says, "you are in danger of becoming hooked once you find your own personal favourite."

There is an international movement towards a deeper awareness of the health benefits of quality dark chocolate. It is scientifically acknowledged that the cocao bean is a source of many anti-oxidants, and stimulates endorphins which are our “feel good” hormones. Coupled to this is an increase in knowledge regarding what constitutes excellence in the varieties available which has created an appreciation of a wider range of chocolate experience. The source and quality of the cocoa beans is the starting block in a careful process where we pay close attention to detail in selecting ingredients to produce a standard we are proud of.

White Chocolate BarsA growing trend, as in wines, is to choose a type of chocolate that best suits your palette resulting in single cocoa plantations becoming prominent along with their produce - grand cru chocolate. There is a lot of interest currently in wine and chocolate pairings, and Chocolats Marionnettes is creating quite a stir in innovative ideas, suggesting combinations which enhance the vintages and couverture alike. Even well established connoisseurs are discovering an enthusiasm for knowing more about the flavour profiles of both elements and how they best complement each other...

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